Ribblesdale School has a very close relationship with its local community.

Partnerships within the community have been an important factor in the success of Ribblesdale over the years. Through our work as a school at the heart of our community, we've developed strong links with primary schools, colleges and training providers, as well as many local businesses. Where possible, we try to connect the curriculum and its delivery with local businesses and services so that pupils see the relevance of what they are being taught.

A couple of current excellent examples of these links which give pupils an insight into how businesses operate, is the work the GCSE Business Studies and Hospitality and Catering pupils are doing.

Local firm Dunbia, based at Sawley, have teamed up with our GCSE Business pupils to form a win-win partnership. Our pupils are given a real behind the scenes insight into the UK's 3rd largest meat retailer. The pupils are given access to all departments and are given a full tour of the business. As a follow up to this experience, managers from within the company attend some of the business study lessons to deliver more detail, which enhances the controlled assessments. The attraction for Dunbia is being able to look at potential employees, having the opportunity for their employees to experience what goes on in a school in the 21st Century and doing their bit for the local youngsters by adding value to their controlled assessments. This link really motivates the pupils because they can see relevance to their learning and the pay back is that they produce outstanding work.

Our Hospitality and Catering pupils regularly work with Northcote Manor and The Three Fishes. We are a Northcote Buddy School, which sees our pupils visiting their chain of restaurants and in return Northcote staff come to lessons to help out and do demonstrations. The pupils also organise events and take advice from the Northcote team. The school is steadily gaining a reputation for delivering high quality events in school when the main meals area is transformed into a top quality restaurant. Here the pupils host and produce superb meals under themes such as Burns Supper, Lancashire Night, Italian Night and Medieval Night, amongst many. The pupils are given first-hand experience of a real working environment; they are on their feet for 12 hours and come away having been challenged by the pace and skills required to effectively host the events, however they are extremely happy, having successfully achieved their goals.

We pride ourselves in giving pupils opportunities to develop skills which are required for the world of work. Through our newly revamped Employability Skills Programme, several pupils in Year 10 link with local employers for one day a week to learn trade skills and get to understand the expectations of business leaders. Supportive businesses include Eclipse (Hair), James Alp (Motor Vehicle), The Ribble Valley Trust and Pendle Fisheries, The Northcote Group (Catering) and Gazegill Farm at Rimington (Land and the Environment). The ultimate goal from this programme is to engender a positive outlook, enhance skill development, extend knowledge and increase the employability chances of young people in the local community.

Through our PSHE programme, we offer careers education and guidance to all our pupils. This is supported by strong community involvement in the form of speakers, advisors, mentors and interviewers. In Year 10, all pupils complete a work experience placement to prepare them for adult life, which links closely to their chosen personalised pathway in Key Stage 4 and their aspirations in terms of looking towards a career. They also interact with local business leaders and managers in a mock interview day during November.

The school regularly engages with the older residents within the immediate community, no more so than at Christmas. Our pupils visit Castleford Home and sing Christmas songs, create presents delivered in a shoe box and the Christmas Carol Concert is eagerly awaited by Ribblesdale School pupils and staff, Ribblesdale Nursery and the older local residents. This is an event which brings all the community together for a very special Christmas concert.

Results and Performance

GCSE Results 2013 – 2014

  • % Pupils with 5 A*- C including ENG & Math = 64% (an increase of 6% from last year)
  • % Pupils with 5 A*- C = 82%

% of Pupils Making Expected Progress 2012 – 2013

  • English 79% (which was significantly above the National average of 67%)
  • Maths 79% (which was significantly above the National average was 68% as it stands