"Those who forget History are doomed to repeat it!"

The study of History is essential in today's society. History is no longer a study of hard facts that must be learnt without question. History teaches a wide variety of skills and enables people to question and analyse the past, whilst forming their own opinion about events and people. At Ribblesdale, the history teachers pride themselves on their lessons being fun, interesting, interactive and USEFUL. The Department is forward thinking and the history teachers use a variety of teaching techniques that meet the needs of all different learning styles (e.g. active learning activities, group work, ICT lessons in the dedicated Humanities suite), video clips, model building, site visits and activities that involve thinking skills or games).

A wide variety of skills can be improved through the study of History, such as reasoning, organisation, communication, analysis, comparison and evaluation. Each teacher encourages their pupils to develop the skills necessary for independent learning and for them to reflect on events and people in the past. These skills link with other subjects around school, further education courses as well as a wide variety of jobs and aspects of life in general.

The department links with the wider community by visits to Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe War Memorial, Bolton Abbey, Skipton Castle, World War One Battlefields, Latvia, Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp. We also encourage and arrange for visiting speakers and theatre companies to come into school. The History team enjoy linking with other subjects in school and taking part in applied learning events, such as the Medieval Supper Evening and the Medieval Madness Day.

Topics - Key Stage 3

  • Pre 1060 topic - Vikings 1060-1485
  • Medieval times, 1485-1750
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Slavery and Empire
  • 20th Century History
  • Holocaust and Nazi Germany
  • 1920's/30's USA
  • Civil Rights USA and JFK
  • Vietnam
  • Multi-Cultural Britain
  • Hensey Williams

Key Stage 4

AQA History B – International relations, 1920's USA, Nazi Germany, Race relations in the USA: "You cannot understand the present without understanding the past."