Mathematics is essential in every walk of life, whether to budget for the weekly shop, understand data in newspapers or to complete your tax return!

The Mathematics Department comprises of eleven motivated and dedicated teachers.  We are fortunate to have our own dedicated teaching rooms, with an interactive whiteboard in each one, and a wide range of resources available.   A variety of teaching methods and resources are used to cater for all learning styles so we engage the students and encourage them to relate their mathematical knowledge to the world around them.

Students are taught in ability groups to enable them to receive the appropriate challenge and to achieve their maximum potential. These sets are regularly monitored and pupils' progress is assessed every term. After these assessments students are given an updated target sheet with areas in which they can improve before the next assessment. 

The department has an excellent Curriculum Support Assistant who works to ensure that all resources and administration are prepared and completed effectively in order to maintain the success of the department.

We subscribe to two interactive ICT packages “MyMaths” for Years 7-11 and “Mathswatch” for Years 9-11.  These resources give all students access to interactive lessons on the internet which they can use to reinforce their understanding, independent study and for revision. They each have a personal login and their teacher tracks progress throughout the year.

Key stage 4 students currently follow the Edexcel GCSE course and sit the examination at the end of Year 11.  All students are entered at the appropriate level, foundation or higher, dependent on their personal target. These are agreed between the teacher and the student, based on their potential and previous attainment.

Throughout KS3 and KS4, the study of mathematics is taught through the four areas of Number, Algebra, Shape Space and Measures and Data Handling and the skills learnt are applied to functional mathematics tasks.

For further information regarding this subject, please email the Head of Subject.