In KS3, pupils, through a variety of practical activities, develop their Performance, Composition, Listening and Appraising skills. These are some of the topics covered.

Year 7

  • RAP – origins of RAP and how it has developed
  • Rhythm and Pulse – Exploring rhythm and note values
  • Night and Day – Exploring sounds and the Elements of Music.
  • Form and Structure – Exploring Musical structures
  • Ladders – Exploring Scales

Year 8

  • Blues – improvisation and the Blues
  • Format structure – Theme and variations
  • Film Music – James Bond
  • Popular Song – Exploring Songs and arrangements

Year 9

  • Statement – In Year 9 pupils are on a carousel of Musical Futures, Musical Theatre and Drama.  The Musical Futures Project aims to develop their performance skills further by performing songs as a band. Songs chosen include those by Snow Patrol, Adele, Queen and Emeli Sande using guitar, bass drums, keyboards and vocals.

Year 10

Pupils will study the AQA G.C.S.E. Music Syllabus. The G.C.S.E. will consist of:

  • Listening to and appraising music : (1hr, 20%) to answer questions based around the 5 Areas of Study
  • Composing and appraising music: (20 hrs supervised time of composition, 20%). Candidates to compose 1 piece of music and must choose 2 or more of the 5 areas of study, showing a link to one of the 3 strands. Candidates appraise the process and the outcome of the composition in relation to the areas of study.
  • Performing: (One individual and one group 40%). Individual Performance – to perform any piece of music in which they are assessed as an individual. Group performance – to perform as a group of 2 or more players.
  • Composing music (20%). To compose 1 piece of music which explores 2 or more of the 5 areas of study. This composition can be in any style or genre of the candidate's choice.

These are all explored through the 5 areas of study being made up of 3 strands.

5 areas

  • Rhythm and Metre
  • Harmony and Tonality
  • Texture and Melody
  • Timbre and Dynamics
  • Structure and Form

3 Strands

  • The Western Classical Tradition
  • Popular Music of the 20th and 21st Century
  • World Music

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