In a modern world which has become ever more reliant on technological advances, a comprehensive understanding of science cannot be underestimated. Within the traditional subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics we find skills not only relevant to those wishing to pursue a career in Science, but which are also essential in a wider context. These include knowledge recall, practical skills and analytical thinking.

The Science department consists of eleven subject specialist teachers and three highly skilled laboratory technicians. Within this team, we have a wide variety of experience gained from academic, industrial, public sector and business backgrounds. Our department is based in nine purpose-built laboratories, all equipped with interactive whiteboards.

In addition, we have a dedicated ICT suite, laptops and data logging equipment, a triple bay greenhouse and school pond. These facilities are supported with a vast array of specialist scientific equipment. These resources, coupled with the innovation of both teaching staff and technicians, allow us to provide opportunities for pupils to discover the scientific world which surrounds them.


With our broad experience base, we are well placed to deliver a range of courses designed to meet the needs and aspirations of our pupils.

During years 7, 8 and the first 2 terms of year 9, pupils complete twenty-four units of work which cover the key concepts within Biology, Chemistry and Physics and form a basis for their GCSE studies. In addition, we have a particular emphasis on developing the practical investigation and independent research skills of pupils.

In the last term of year 9, pupils complete a Key Stage 4 transition course. This allows pupils to bring their understanding together and develop the skills essential for the GCSE courses. Furthermore, pupils are given the opportunity to explore possible career paths related to scientific disciplines so that an informed choice of GCSE course can be made for the latter part of year 9 and beyond.

At Key Stage 4 we offer a number of courses which cater for pupils who wish to follow either vocational or academic routes when leaving the school. Specifically, pupils who wish to enrol on pure Science A-level or equivalent programmes will follow AQA Triple Science programme and gain a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

AQA Science combined courses (completed in years 10 and 11) meets the needs for those pupils wishing to study A-level or equivalent programmes.

Finally, for those pupils wishing to follow vocational courses or enrol on an apprenticeship, we may offer an AQA STEM technical course completed in years 10 and 11, with the entry level certificate.

Finally, to help emphasise the application of science in the everyday life, we have developed numerous links with local business, farms and health professionals.

Further details for each of the above GCSE programmes can be found by clicking on the following links. These will take you to the official website of the exam board.

AQA Science


AQA Triple Science