The introduction of enrichment sessions to the curriculum aims to provide our pupils with a range of skills, experiences and opportunities that they may not otherwise have, both within the National Curriculum and from home.  Just as in other lessons teachers plan lessons for our pupils to secure progress against and range of learning objectives to support the development of skills.

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Enrichment is a brand new programme for Ribblesdale School and we are excited by the diverse range of activities that pupils are experiencing on Wednesday afternoons from global entrepreneurship to class masters and renowned master class chefs!

We are well supported by our local community with involvement from Blackburn Rovers and Blackburn College.

Please take a look at the pictures of enrichment and check out the new blog and radio station coming soon.

If you would like any further information about or have an idea about a new enrichment workshop, get in touch with Miss Jennison via her email

Pupils are working towards the St John's Ambulance Young First Aider Award, a recognised certificate valid for 3 years. The picture shows two pupils practising the recovery position!

Year10 pupils are learning the skills needed for rock climbing. This includes rope work, team work as well as how to physically climb.

52 pupils went to Roefield Leisure Centre and completed activities in Zorbing, Archery, Spinning, Climbing and Zumba.

Ribblesdale's version of "1 man and his dog". One member of the group was using leadership and communication skills to manoeuvre their flock of blindfolded teammates from one pen to another through 2 control gates.

With the help of generous donations from the local community, Year 9 pupils have set about a social enterprise project dismantling disused bikes. They will service the reusable components and reassemble to end up with rideable and fully serviced bikes which ultimately will be shipped to either Kenya or another African country.