Year 10 GCSE geography pupils recently completed a 3 day visit to Tower Wood, an outdoor education centre owned by Lancashire County Council.

This is the first time the department has run a residential trip and judging by the response from the pupils and staff, it was a resounding success. Pupils had the opportunity to undertake a geographical enquiry in Bowness and experience some of the activities that attract over 10 million visitors a year to our nearest National Park.

On arrival pupils were met by Andy who has run the centre for 27 years. At first it was difficult to get the pupils to respond but it wasn’t long before their personalities started to shine through. During the afternoon lake based activities, pupils began to show the instructors what they were made of, sailing, canoeing and kayaking in heavy wind was no problem for the group. Even the veteran instructor was surprised that all pupils made it back under their own steam.

This effort set the tone for 3 days of outstanding effort and determination to do well. Not even the rain of day 2 could make a dent in dexterity of the group (although Mr O’Donoghue did at times begin to show his age). The conditions only strengthened the bond that had developed between the pupils and gave them an insight into conditions considered the norm by Geography scholars.

We aimed to give the pupils an opportunity to study, participate in new activities and have fun in one of the UK’s most popular destinations. We couldn’t be happier that the trip accomplished this. A massive thank you and well-done to everyone involved.