Five Ribblesdale High School girls entered the doors of the prestigious Manchester Grammar School to take part in the regional ‘Up For Debate’ PiXL competition. Lili Barnes, Kaliska Clarke, Gaby Heskett, Elise Eastham and Jenna Kirkbright competed against twenty other schools for the chance to win a place in the London finals.

Having been given ‘tougher’ sides of the debate (opposing the ban of censoring music videos, proposing the ban of international adoption and opposing the ban of child beauty pageants), the girls were not phased. They were confident, eloquent, remained calm, had a lovely tone and pace, and responded well to points of information from opposing teams.

All of the girls were praised by several judges for their contributions, particularly on the proposition to ban international adoption – having won this round. Unfortunately, the team didn’t win this time, but are looking forward to future competitions, have learnt a lot in the process, made new friends and left the day with smiles on their faces. What more could we ask for?