Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr S Cox Headteacher
  • Mrs C Weisters Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr A Williams Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs Z Dewhurst Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr P Edge Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr I Hemingway Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr M O'Donoghue Assistant Headteacher / Educational Visits Co-ordinator
  • Mrs S Cowking School Business Manager

Learning Support

  • Mrs S Fletcher SENDCO
  • Mr S Hughes Assistant SENDCO

Faculty of English

  • Miss G Munro Curriculum Area Leader - English
  • Mrs T Kendall Leading Teacher – 2nd in Department
  • Mrs A Arcangelo-Hanna Aspect Co-ordinator – Student Leadership
  • Mr O Davies
  • Mrs L Nathan-Goucher
  • Miss A Hewson
  • Mrs H Holaday Aspect Co-ordinator - Drama
  • Mrs J Knowles Aspect Co-ordinator - Literacy
  • Miss D Mitchell Whole School Literacy Co-ordinator
  • Miss A Sagar English Year 7 Transition & Progress Co-ordinator
  • Miss P Smith
  • Mr D Thomas
  • Mrs R Williams

Faculty of Mathematics

  • Mrs S Huntingdon Curriculum Area Leader - Maths
  • Mrs E Tranter Leading Teacher – 2nd in Department
  • Mr B Beardsworth
  • Mr A Blackburn
  • Mrs S Bradshaw
  • Mr M Hargreaves Aspect Co-ordinator - Business Studies
  • Miss R Khan
  • Miss C Newall
  • Miss J Sanderson
  • Mrs K Webster Aspect Co-ordinator – Numeracy - Teaching & Learning Ambassador
  • Miss A Whewell

Faculty of Science

  • Mrs L Michie Curriculum Area Leader - Science
  • Mrs H O'Boyle Leading Teacher – 2nd in Department
  • Mrs JL Ainsworth
  • Miss L Barrett Aspect Co-ordinator – Innovation in Teaching
  • Mrs K Caswell Aspect Co-ordinator - Tracking & Mentoring of Underperforming Students
  • Ms M Greenwood
  • Ms R Lynch
  • Mr A Patel
  • Miss N Wood

Faculty of Technology, Art & Design and ICT

  • Mr P Mousley Curriculum Area Leader - Technology
  • Mrs R Lambert
  • Mrs S McLeod Subject Leader - Hospitality and Catering
  • Miss E Schnacke
  • Mr S Sheen
  • Mrs L Middleton Subject Leader - Art & Design
  • Ms J Martin
  • Mr L Small Subject Leader - ICT
  • Mr L Conti Aspect Co-ordinator – Year 7 Leader

Faculty of Humanities

  • Mrs J Taylor Curriculum Area Leader - History
  • Miss C Fletcher Initial Teacher Training Co-ordinator
  • Mrs C Hughes
  • Mr L Summerfield Aspect Co-ordinator – Year Leader
  • Mrs B Mashiter Subject Leader - RE - T&L Ambassador
  • Ms J Parkinson Aspect Co-ordinator – Year Leader
  • Miss F Yusuf
  • Mr A Beattie Subject Leader - Geography
  • Miss L Billington
  • Miss D Robinson Aspect Co-ordinator – House/Rewards
  • Ms S Jennison Subject Leader - Citizenship

Faculty of Modern Languages

  • Mrs S Eden Curriculum Area Leader – MFL
  • Mrs K Turner Aspect Co-ordinator - MFL
  • Mrs P Feneley
  • Miss D Lynas MFL Year 7 Transition & Progress Co-ordinator
  • Mrs K Schofield

Faculty of Sport and Leisure

  • Ms S Cooper-Westhead Curriculum Area Leader - Sport
  • Miss R Simpson Aspect Co-ordinator – PE - NQT Induction and Support
  • Mr A Davidson
  • Mr N Hewison Aspect Co-ordinator – Year Leader
  • Mr L Lishman Aspect Co-ordinator – Year Leader
  • Mrs J Sharp
  • Mr A Anderson Subject Leader - Music
  • Miss O Mason

Year Team Leaders

  • Mr L Conti Year 7
  • Mr N Hewison Year 8
  • Mr L Lishman Year 9
  • Ms J Parkinson Year 10
  • Mr L Summerfield Year 11


  • Administration and Business Support
  • Mrs S Cowking School Business Manager
  • Mrs C Davies Assistant School Business Manager
  • Mrs M Smith Headteacher's PA
  • Mrs A Harulow Finance Officer/ Administration
  • Mrs J Lund Receptionist Main School / Administration
  • Miss S Etherington Administration / SEN
  • Miss E Mathieson Receptionist Student Services / Administration
  • Mrs J Billington IAG and Work Related Learning Coordinator
  • Mrs R Hargreaves Learning Resources Centre Manager
  • Mrs A Brass Data Officer
  • Mrs J Brown Examinations Officer
  • Ms K Reyner Attendance Coordinator
  • Mrs A Burgess Reprographics

Premises and Site

  • Mr S Porter Site Manager
  • Mr S Neesham Site Supervisor
  • Mr R Farrell Painter & Decorator
  • Mr C Fish Site Assistant

Cover Supervision

  • Mrs L Anderson Reflect and Resolve Unit / Cover Manager
  • Mrs S Brewer Cover Supervisor
  • Miss F Yusuf Cover Supervisor

Curriculum Support Assistants

  • Mrs J Bauer Humanities
  • Mrs A Burgess Sport and Leisure / Modern Foreign Languages
  • Mrs J Croft English
  • Mrs F Robinson Mathematics and IT
  • Mrs A Steventon Music and Art

ICT Support

  • Mr D Porter ICT Network Manager
  • Mr S Davis ICT Website Designer and Developer
  • Mr J Hawthorn ICT Technician

Pastoral Support

  • Mrs E Heaton School Counsellor and Safeguarding Designated Senior Leader (2)
  • Mrs A Marsland Pastoral Support Coordinator for Year 7
  • Mrs M Hutchinson Pastoral Support Coordinator for Year 8
  • Mrs H Adamson Pastoral Support Coordinator for Year 9
  • Mrs J Larkin Pastoral Support Coordinator for Year 10
  • Mrs J Braithwaite Pastoral Support Coordinator for Year 11

Technician Support

  • Mr I Byrom Science
  • Mrs T Hand Science
  • Mr M Robertson Science
  • Mrs L French Textiles / Hospitality and Catering
  • Mr M Waddington Technology

Learning Support Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs S Taylor Team Leader/HLTA
  • Mrs L Charlton HLTA
  • Mrs C Hilton TA3
  • Miss G Humphreys TA3
  • Mrs R Frankland TA2a
  • Miss S Marshall TA2a
  • Mrs N Nicholls TA2a
  • Mr S Whipp TA2a

Students Leaders

Pupils get the opportunity to apply to become Y10 Student Leaders at end of Y9 – they have to have good attendance & punctuality as well as have attended one of the Rewards Assemblies – they fill in an application form stating why they want to be a Student Leader and their coach completes the form with their attendance & punctuality record.

Once selected they receive a badge in Y10 and a weekly duty at various points around school.

At the end of Y10 all pupils again have the opportunity to apply to become Student Leaders – those already Student Leaders become Senior Student Leaders in Y11 – pupils again fill in an application form with the same criteria, and are then given a weekly duty point.

Student Leaders also tick on their application forms any additional roles they would like to volunteer for – some examples are – becoming 'buddies' to the new Y7 Coaching groups, 'buddy' readers to Y7s, doing school tours for parents on Open Evening as well as handing out brochures and information & tour guides, helping out at Parents Evenings, showing visitors around school, charity work, 'poppy appeal' – selling poppies around school.

They receive a 'Non-uniform' day once a term, use of the 'Quad' in the Summer term and a Certificate of Achievement for both Y10 & Y11 to take with them to their next place of learning.