How long does detention take?
Detention length depends on the severity of what it is you have a detention for; a break-time or your first lunch-time detention lasts fifteen minutes, while a full lunch-time detention takes twenty-five minutes, in which case you will have to get your lunch beforehand and ask the member of staff if you can eat it in the detention. After-schools – or SLTs as they are sometimes known – will depend entirely on, again, what you are being punished for. Your parents will be sent a letter informing them if you have an SLT detention so that they can arrange transport if you normally get a bus; they are usually no longer than fifteen minutes, however may last for as long as one full hour. But if you don’t earn a detention, you won’t have to worry about how long it will last.
Do you lend us iPads for homework?
Unfortunately, the school is not in possession of iPads to lend out to individual students – homework, if it needs a computer, will have to be done either at home, or if you do not have internet then at the public or school library. There are many ICT suites around school which you can ask a teacher to be allowed into to do homework, or sometimes during lessons.
Is it hard in your first weeks?
There will be some differences between Primary and Secondary school when you first move up, however you shouldn’t worry too much about it; you’ll learn your way around quickly and it shouldn’t take long for you to get used to lessons and homework. If you’re prepared to work hard enough, you won’t struggle!
Is it a public bus or a school bus to get from Great Harwood to school and back every day?
You’ll have to speak to the school directly about it, either by e-mail or phone 01200 422 563.
What do you do if late for school?
If you are late to school and the first Tutor period has finished you need to go to Student Services and sign in with a member of staff there. You will then get marked late on the register.
How many choices are there for dinner?
There are choices of hot meals or sandwiches and wraps. There is a range of choices within these categories, so you can choose which you want. There is also the choice of bringing a packed lunch if you want. In Main Meals, there are posters that tell you what you can buy from the hot meals.
Will the lessons be harder than the transition day?
Year 7 lessons probably won’t be much harder than they were in Year 6 – for the first half-term you will be in a very basic, unset group, then after you have sat your CATS you will be set for Maths, English and Science, depending on ability. Top set does the hardest lessons(although not too hard!), second set not so much, and so on. If you work hard, though, it won’t be so bad!
What should I do if I get told off for something I didn’t do?
It is very hard for teachers to tell who has broken the rules if there is a big fuss or the entire class is in trouble, however they do their best to find the source of the trouble – if you do get, unfortunately, told off for someone else’s bad behaviour, there are a few things that you can do to sort out the problem:
  • Speak to the teacher directly, making sure that you’re very polite, and explain the situation;
  • Speak to your Form Tutor or Year Leader about what’s happened;
  • Explain everything very politely, and don’t get angry – otherwise the teacher will still think it was you! Talking nicely solves more problems than shouting at someone; you can only stay out of trouble by explaining what has happened, and leaving the staff to sort it out.
Is it scary on your first day?
No matter what school you go to your first day, it is always going to be a bit scary and this is because you are in a new surrounding with new people and new teachers. However, on your first day, it will just be your year group and the year 11′s. This always makes your first day less daunting. Don’t worry though, because it is most likely that you will not be the only one feeling a bit nervous, and if you are really scared, go and talk to your Form Tutor, because that is what they are there for.
What will happen if you lose something?
There is a lost property box in student services for general things that get lost. There are separate boxes for PE kit lost at the PE office and at the pavilion.
Can girls wear trousers if they want to?
Yes, it is optional to wear trousers if you’re a girl.
Do girls have to wear a tie?
The uniform policy at the moment means girls don’t wear a tie. Only boys are required to wear a tie.
Do you have assemblies?
Yes you do. Assemblies are in afternoon Form Tutor Groups. For the new Year 7s, your assembly will probably be in Friday Form Tutor Groups.
Which PE teacher will the new Y7's get?
There is not a specific teacher for each year group. However each year group is split up into several separate PE groups. Each one of these will then be assigned a teacher. Usually you are split into a groups of boys and a group of girls however sometimes you do get a mixed group. There are 6 PE teachers, who are; Mr Lishman, Mr Peel, Mr Stodart, Miss Cooper, Miss Sharp and Miss Simpson. All of them are very nice and friendly.
What will happen if we get lost and we cant find our way around the school?
You will have a map, so the likelihood of getting lost is small however, you can always ask a member of staff, a student leader or an older pupil.
What time should you be in your Tutor Group in the morning?
A warning bell goes at 8:45am and you then have five minutes before the main bell rings; at this point you are expected to be either inside your Tutor room or waiting outside it.
Can you go to the toilet in the middle of class?
Teachers prefer if you go to the toilet at break and lunch, however if you have a toilet card for medical reasons you may be allowed to go to the toilet if the card is shown to the teacher. If you have a nose bleed in the middle of a class then you are aloud to go to the nearest toilet to sort yourself out. If you are worried about older students being in the same toilets, never fear as year 7′s have their very own toilets that only they are allowed into!
What is the name of your year leader?
Your Year Leader will be Mrs. Rignall.
What time is choir?
Miss Mason in the Music department runs the school choir; there are two shows each year, the Christmas and Summer productions, but you will have a Music lesson once a week and you can go to her directly  for singing lessons. The school choir is only on during the months before the summer and Christmas holidays, so that the show can be prepared – you will be allowed to audition in late October or May for this.
Do you get lost easily?
Whatever high school you go to you are most likely to get lost. Don’t worry if you do get lost because you are given a map on your first day to help you get around. Also if you do get lost, do not be afraid to ask someone who  is older than you because we were all year 7 at one time and we know how confusing things are in your first few weeks. It will take you a maximum of a month to learn where everything is and on your first day it will be quieter as it is only year 7 and year 11, so you can get used to the size of the school.
How many minutes are there between lessons?
Every day, you will have five lessons, along with your Form Tutor, break and lunch – two lessons, then break, then two more lessons, then lunch, Form Tutor and one final lesson.

Between periods 1 and 2 you will have five minutes to get to the next class – this allows for getting-lost time, and lets you get to where you need to be. If you arrive to your next lesson more than five minutes after the bell, you will be marked as late by your teacher. Break is fifteen minutes long; after this you will have five minutes between periods 3 and 4. Lunch is forty minutes long, then you go to your Form Tutor– immediately after this is last lesson. The library and Learning Centre are open at break and lunch, but not between other lessons!

Are the school dinners tasty?
On a whole the school meals do taste very nice, the menu changes every day however there is always an option of a jacket potatoes. You can also buy sandwiches and wraps if you do not want a hot meal. If you just want a drink you can buy them as well and cakes are also available to buy.
Will you get a map on your first day of school?
Yes you will be given a map along with your time table.
When will we get our dinner cards?
You will get your dinner card on your first day of school. If you lose or brake your dinner card you will have to buy a new one.
Do you get ice lollies in the dinner hall?
You can buy ice lollies from Main Meals, however this is only in the summer term.
What happens if you forget your homework on the day you need it?
We would not recommend ever forgetting your homework, however if you do then you could get a warning from your teacher the first time, or a break-time detention after that. If you fail to do your homework because of family reasons or illness, come in with a signed note from your parent or guardian explainin the situation – then bring it in the next day.

Remember: “the dog ate my homework” is not a valid excuse!

What do you need for lessons?
You will need different equipment for different lessons, but for all of them you will need: your books; a pen; a pencil; and a ruler. For other lessons you might also need a scientific calculator, a rubber, a full Maths set, coloured pencils and a red pen. Teachers will usually provide other equipment, such as scissors and glue. You will need a pencil case to keep everything in!
Do people get bullied or teesed?
In every school there will be bullying. However, at Ribblesdale School we work to stop any bullying that happens. If you were to get bullied then you can report it to any teacher or put it in the bullying box and it will be sorted and it will be sorted very quickly. p.s  you won't get your head put in a toilet.
What is a Form Tutor period?
Coaching – also known as Form – is split into two sessions each day: one for fifteen minutes in the morning before first lesson; and a second one for twenty-five minutes after lunch. In your Form Tutor Group, you can work on homework, read, or do activities with your Form Tutor to help with transition and improvement – these are known as Form Tutor Activities.

Your first Form Tutor will have you for Year 7, before you move on to a second who will look after you for the rest of the school year. Form Tutors are there to help you with homework, provide you with support, and to sort out any problems you may have.

How long did it take you to find your way around?
It does not take a long time for you to find your way around, but for the first few weeks you will be given a map and teachers will be very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. If you are lost around the school feel free to ask anyone in the corridors. So overall it takes about a maximum of a month to learn where everything is.
Can you wear ear rings?
Yes, you are allowed to wear ear rings however they must be small gold or silver studs and you are only allowed to wear one pair in each ear.  If a teacher were to see you with any other ear rings in it would be a signature on your uniform card.
What do you do if you miss the bus in a morning?
If you miss your bus to school you have to find your own way to school via any means possible. If you do not turn up to school because you miss your bus you will receive a detention or isolation. If you arrive after 9am you will have to sign in at Student Services.
What is a period?
Periods are lessons.

Each one is an hour long, and you have five in one day. You will also have two shorter Tutor ‘periods’ during the day.

Can you bring iPods to school?
It’s not against the rules to bring iPods, phones or any other pieces of technology to school, however you do so at your own risk! You are not allowed to have them out during school time, even break or lunch, and if a teacher sees you with one they will confiscate it. Also, it is not the school’s responsibility to replace or pay for any property which is lost or stolen during school-time.
what kind of shoes do you wear on p.e? do you wear trainers?
Do you need your P.E kit on the first day?
I’ve seen people from Ribblesdale wearing different badges, are they house badges?
There are a couple diffferent badges at Ribblesdale. The ones that would apply to you are the coloured ones (Red, Blue,Green etc.) that refer to which house you are in also there are Form Tutor captain badges.
Are there drama and singing and dancing classes you can go to?
There are several extra curriculum activities that you can go to including drama, singing and dancing. There are also many sports activities after school such as athletics.
Who shall Year 7s ask if they are lost?
If you are lost I would suggest asking any member of staff nearby or you can ask any pupil who is near, all will be willing to help you in finding your way around your new school.
What happens if you forget your PE kit?
If you have forgotten your PE kit I would suggest telling your PE teacher before your lesson, also if you do forget your PE kit you will be given a warning. If you forget your PE kit another 2 times or so you will be given a detention, but you will not be punished if it is your first time. Also depending on the activities you are doing would effect as to whether your teacher will allow you to partake in the lesson. Most of the time you will be asked to take you blazer and tie off and borrow a pair of shoes off one of the teachers and then you will take part in the lesson.
What stationery do I need to buy for year 7 and what sort of pen do I have to use eg. biro or fountain pen?
In terms of stationary you will be required to have the following: Pen - Blue or Black (biros are best), Pencil, Ruler (Preferably 30cm), Rubber & Sharpner.
What is your policy for taking children on holiday during term time?
The school will not authorise any requests for family holidays during term time, please refer to our Attendance Policy
Will you need a pencil case?
You do not need a pencil case however it is advisable, so long as you have a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a sharpener at any one time you will be fine. These pieces of equipment will be checked every morning in your Form Tutor.
What time does the bus leave ribblesdale?
The bus' leave Ribblesdale 10 minutes after the bell rings at the end of the day.
Who are the year 7 language teachers?
There are several languages teachers and may be new ones starting in September when you start. If you look on the Ribblesdale website, all staff are listed.
What is isolation?
Isolation is when pupils work away from their main classroom, either in another class or in the reflect and resolve unit.
Can you use your phone at break or lunch?
You are allowed to use phones at break and lunchtimes but they must be turned off and out of sight during lessons.
What type of sports can you do at Ribblesdale?
There are lots of sport activities you can get involved in at Ribblesdale. Netball, football, athletics, Rugby, trampolining, golf and skiing are to name just a few.
When can Year 7 girls think about joining the netball team?
When you arrive at Ribblesdale, you will be given information about joining all the sports teams. This will be within your first half term here.
Do you have places to store your belongings or do you have to carry it around with you?
We do not have lockers at Ribblesdale so you need a strong, waterproof bag to carry all your belongings with you throughout the day.
How many lessons do year 7s get?
There are 24 lessons a week for all pupils at Ribblesdale.
Is there guitar tuition and if so how much and when does it take place?
Guitar tuition is available. Lessons take place on either Thursday or Friday morning and the cost is £50 per term.
What lessons take place during 'Enrichment'?
There are a wide range of activities on offer during enrichment. The activities vary depending on the year group. You will be given information on the transition evenings and asked to select your choices for year 7.
Do different dinners cost different prices?
There are a wide range of food items you can buy at lunchtime which have a variety of costs. The meal deal is currently £2.20 though.
Do you see any of your friends from your other school even if your not in there set or form?
You will be able to see your friends during every break and lunchtime and if you are in the same band, you may have some lessons together too.
What sort of school trips will there be?
There will be various trips on offer as you go through school, starting with the Outdoor elements team building trip in September. There are also trips to London, skiing trips, the battlefields trip and lots of other subject specific trips.