One big change from primary to secondary school is homework. You will notice that you get more homework from individual subjects and that you are expected to organise your homework more.

Homework is really important because it helps to support what you have learnt in your lessons. If you try hard with your homework, you will receive praise from your teacher. You may receive a House Point, a postcard home or become 'Pupil of the Week' for that subject.

The Government guidelines are approximately 45-90 minutes per day but don't worry – follow this guide and it will help you.

Common Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

Reason/Excuse Solution
I didn’t understand it Check with the teacher and don’t leave until the last night – NOT a valid reason.
My printer wasn’t working Write it out/e-mail/note from parent – NOT a valid reason.
My dog ate it Do it again – NOT a valid reason
I lost it Do it again/find it/note from parent
It’s in my book and I have left it at home Organise yourself. This is NOT a valid reason
I didn’t have the sheet Organise yourself and don’t leave until last minute. This is NOT a valid reason.
I was ill/in hospital - Something bad happened in my family These MAY be valid reasons if accompanied by a note from parent.

Homework Examples

Faculty Subject Homework example
Technology Textiles Research 6 designs and find images for them. Put them in order with the one you like most at the top.
Humanities RE Research 10 facts about a religion and find pictures relating to the information.
History Write a letter home as a Roman soldier explaining what you do in the army.
Maths Maths 10 Maths questions following on from information taught in lesson.
Languages Spanish Following on from a lesson about how to introduce yourself, find 3 pictures of famous people and write how they would introduce themselves.
French Complete the activity on Moodle matching English and French phrases.
English English 6 spellings and write a poem/rap using these words.
  Research myth and legend and design a storyboard/write a paragraph about it. The information will be shared with the class next lesson.

Printing Issues

Some homework may need to be completed on the computer. This could be done in school if you have no access to one at home.

It is not a valid excuse to say that you haven't handed in your homework because the printer wasn't working. If you do have a genuine reason connected to printing (e.g. a power cut) get your parents to write a note.

Everyone will have a printer card and work can be printed at school.

Sanctions – What Will Happen If I Don't Do My Homework?

You will get one of the following punishments.

  • Break, lunch, Afterschool detentions
  • Negative on PARS
  • No house points
  • Parents informed
  • Year Leader involvement

What If I Can't Do It?

If you have a genuine reason e.g. illness or family emergency for not doing your homework then get your parents to write a note to inform the teacher – this will stop you getting in trouble.