Extra Curricular Actvities

Name of Club – (Explanation of Activities) Teacher Year Group Place Time
Cheerleading Miss Robinson All Years Drama Complex Wed 3:10 - 4:10pm Beginners
Friday 2:10 - 3:45        
Intermediate and advanced        
Drama Club - Pupils learn basic drama skills and prepare a show for the Christmas Concert Mrs Holaday Years 7-8 Drama Complex Monday
Guitar Club Mr Beardsworth All Years E4 TBA
Young Enterprise Mrs Tranter Year 10 H1 Wednesday
3.10 – 5pm
Homework club Mrs Hargreaves All years Library Mon – Thurs 3.10 - 4.15pm
Gold Team – Christian Union Mr Gordan Years 7-9 Room 1 Tuesday 1.30pm
Computer Club Learning Centre Staff Years 7-8 Room D4 Monday and Friday Lunchtimes 1.10-1.40pm
Choir Miss Mason All Years E4 Friday 12.30-1.10pm
Band Mr Anderson All Years E3 Thursday 1.30-2pm

PE Extra Curricular Timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  3.00pm – 4.00pm 3.00pm – 4.00pm 3.30pm – 4.30 pm 3.00pm – 4.00pm After 2.00pm
After school Netball Training Years 8,9,10&11
Boys Football
All years
Fitness Room
Years 9 - 11
Fitness Room
Football Fixtures
When no Meetings.
Fitness Room
Years 9-11
Girls Football
All years
Boys Football Fixtures
3.30pm – 4.15pm beginners
4.15pm – 5.00pm
Netball Games
Year 7 netball Trials
Trampoline & Badminton
Years 7 - 10
Boys and Girls Football
Fitness Room STAFF ONLY
Running Club
Years 7 – 9
Football Fixtures
2.15pm – 3.30pm