When you come to Ribblesdale you will need to use and develop a variety of skills. They will help you to achieve and reach your potential whilst you are here. Try to think about what skills you already use at Primary School and how you could use them when you come to Ribblesdale. Your year 6 teacher might be able to help you with this.

Literacy Skills

You will use these important skills in your lessons:

Inform to pass on knowledge
Explain to show, in words, how something works
Describe to explain, in words, what something is like
Analyse to examine something in close detail
Imagine to place yourself in a different situation
Persuade to encourage someone to think in a certain way
Advise to suggest ways in which someone should act
Evaluate to judge and conclude how effective something has been

Personal Learning & Thinking Skills

These are the 6 essential skills that will enable you to become a confident, capable and successful young person. It is important that you try to use these skills in and around school to help you become a better learner.