There are lots of helpful and friendly staff who can help you settle into life at Ribblesdale. They will support and guide you throughout your time in year 7.

Form Tutor

You will be in one of 10 different 'Form Tutor Groups,' you will see your Form Tutor twice a day; first thing in the morning and then after lunch. Your Form Tutor will help you to settle in at Ribblesdale and can help you with any problems that you may have. Your Form Tutor will check that your uniform is correct each day and that you have the correct equipment for your lessons. They will also give out any notices for the day.

The year 7 Form Tutors are:

  • Mrs Mashiter/Mr Davies (Wed)
  • Mrs Ainsworth
  • Mrs Moran
  • Mrs Taylor
  • Mrs Caswell/Miss Wood (Wed)
  • Mrs Bradshaw
  • Miss Sanderson
  • Mr Patel
  • Mrs Lynch
  • Mrs Taylor

Pastoral Co-ordinator

Each Year Group also has a 'Pastoral Co-ordinator,' your Pastoral Co-ordinator will be Mrs Marsland (above). She has an office in A-Block where you can go to if you want some advice or are struggling to settle in at Ribblesdale. The Pastoral Co-ordinators will help any pupils who have problems outside of school or need extra support when in school. Ribblesdale does not tolerate any bullying in school, the Pastorals Co-ordinators help to make sure that this does not happen.

Year Leader

Every year group has a different Year Leader.

The Year Leader is responsible for all of the pupils in their specific year group.

They take the assembly each week and provide activities for you to do in your Form Groups. The Year Leader may visit your primary school before you come to Ribblesdale.

As Year Leader of year 7 I will be working as part of a team of people who will be responsible for ensuring that new year 7 pupils settle quickly into the new school environment at Ribblesdale and that the transition into Secondary school life is smooth and enjoyable.

It is my job to monitor pupil progress through year 7 with regards to daily attendance and academic achievement and to offer guidance and support to enable pupils to reach their full potential whilst in year 7.

Mr Conti – Year Leader – Primary Transition & Year 7