A Guide to Work Experience For Year 10 Pupils and Parents

At Ribblesdale we are passionate about ensuring our young people are as well prepared as possible for their future when they leave the school. An important part of this is giving them the experiences and skills essential in the workplace. Work experience allows our youngsters to not only see at first hand the nature of a particular job, but perhaps more importantly, it gives them an appreciation of the skills and attributes employers feel are crucial in the workforce. We have extremely good links with many local employers and are very thankful of the opportunities afforded to our young people.

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Below are the work experience forms:

What are the benefits of Work Experience?

Work experience gives an insight into the working world: it allows pupils to gain practical knowledge and employability skills, it helps them to learn what they like and what they don't like doing. There are thousands of different jobs that young people may do when they are older and not all pupils know which career path they would like to follow when they leave school. Work Experience gives the opportunity to learn more about the jobs available in the organisation they will be attending. Many pupils make valuable contacts within the industry they would like to work in. Past pupils have gained apprenticeships and part-time jobs from their work experience placements. A successful placement will result in a good reference for Progress Files in Year 11.

What is the Procedure?

Pupils will be briefed in their form groups and assemblies in January of Year 10 followed by a parents' information evening in our Drama Complex Wednesday 13th January 6.00pm. They will be given a light green work experience form which gives them the opportunity to state their ideal work experience placement. This form should be returned to their tutor: please ensure that the form is filled in on both sides as the reverse of the form informs us of vital medical information e.g. if a pupil has asthma or suffer from allergies then a placement with animals may not be appropriate. There are several job categories to choose from and pupils are asked to rank their top three preferences. The school cannot guarantee all pupils will obtain a place at their ideal choice but we will endeavor to try our best.

There is a section where you can state which towns you will be able to travel to and from for your placement: this gives us a wider area from which to secure your ideal placement. However, many pupils prefer to source their own work experience so they get their first choice of placement but must take the initiative in doing so.

Pupils who wish the school to provide a placement will be allocated a position as close to the pupils' requirements as possible. Places will be allocated by May 2016 and pupils will be given a blue form which acts a contract between the pupil, parent and employer. These blue forms should be signed and returned by mid-June.

Pupils receive a health and safety briefing in either assembly or tutor time. During their two week placement they will be visited by someone from Ribblesdale to check their progress.

How Do I Organise a Self Placement

Pupils may obtain a dark green self-placement form from their form tutor or from Student Services. This form must be signed by an employee, at the organisation where the self-placement is to take place, who will be responsible for you during the placement. A copy of the Employers' Liability Insurance must be returned to school together with the self-placement form. The school will not undertake any health and safety visits to any establishment without a copy of the Employers' Liability Insurance; if the health and safety visit is not carried out then we cannot allow pupils to take up the placement. The deadline for receiving self-placement forms is 18th March 2016.

Can I Work Out of This Area?

Pupils are permitted to work out of the area however, the school cannot be held responsible for the placement. The placement is entirely the responsibility of parents or carers. Past pupils have had great placements over the last few years such as Assistant Homes Editor, Woman & Home Magazine, London and Trainee Royal Marine, Royal Marines Commando Training Centre, Exmouth.

Can I Work Overseas?

Pupils are permitted to work overseas however, the school cannot be held responsible for the placement. The placement is entirely the responsibility of parents or carers. Ribblesdale has had several successful overseas placements such as Pool Cleaner, Florida, USA; Human Resources in Switzerland; Nursery Nurse, Gran Cayman and Veterinary Assistant, Spain.

Can I Work in My Primary School?

Pupils are not permitted to work in the primary school they attended. This is because pupils benefit more from the challenge of a fresh environment. We encourage them to go forward into a new situation, rather than taking a step back into familiar surroundings.

Can I Work with My Parents/Relatives?

Pupils are not encouraged to work directly with their parents although they can work within the same organisation in a different department.

The Grand at Clitheroe

Ribblesdale has been allocated 4 placements. Pupils wishing to obtain a placement at The Grand need to complete an additional application form which can be obtained from Mrs Billington in Student Services. The Grand will then invite selected pupils for an interview in Student Services.


Completely stuck for what to do? Try using Kudos Kudos is a software programme which asks you a series of questions about what type of work you may like to do in future. Through finding out your likes, dislikes and skills, Kudos suggests several careers that match your requirements. For details of how to use this service please obtain the log-on sheet from Mrs Billington in Student Services

  • 1. Log on to : www.cascaid.co.uk
  • 2. Click on "Kudos"
  • 3. Click on "Use Kudos"
  • 4. Licence code: Please see Mrs J Billington
  • 5. Set up your own username and password
  • 6. Answer the questions to discover what careers may suit your needs

What roles have pupils completed in the past?

  • Childcare assistant
  • Optical assistant
  • Clothes shop assistant
  • Painter and decorators' assistant
  • Community rail assistant
  • Pet shop assistant
  • Countryside ranger
  • Pharmacist
  • Court assistant
  • Political assistant
  • Dance teacher
  • Pool attendant
  • Data assistant
  • Rock climbing assistant
  • Dental assistant
  • Sound engineer
  • Digital marketing assistant
  • Speech therapy
  • Dog groomer
  • Sports development assistant
  • Electrical assistant
  • Stained glass manufacturer
  • Embroidery assistant
  • Stock controller
  • Engineering assistant
  • Supermarket assistant
  • Estate agent assistant
  • Surveyor
  • Events management
  • Teaching assistant
  • Falconer
  • Telecommunications assistant
  • Farmhand
  • Theatre manager
  • Fisheries assistant
  • Tourist information assistant
  • Florist TV runner
  • Football coach
  • Veterinary assistant
  • Football club administration
  • Vicar's assistant
  • French polisher
  • Warehouse assistant
  • Front of house assistant
  • Web developer
  • Gamekeeper
  • Zookeeper assistant
  • Gardening assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Green keeper
  • Groom