Year 9 forms the 'bridge' between KS3 and KS4. Pupils within this year group are expected to make some important decisions about the future. They will primarily be making choices about their academic studies for the final two years at Ribblesdale. It is key that individuals make the correct decisions to enable them to fully succeed in KS4 and beyond. Support is provided throughout the year to enable this to happen and is provided by a wide range of people, including academic and pastoral staff.

Pupils supporting others at Ribblesdale is a fundamental part of our school community. In year 9 individuals are given the opportunity to guide others more formally. A wide range of year 9 pupils become Form Buddies, where they help to support year 7 pupils who have transitioned from primary schools into Ribblesdale. Form Buddies act as someone who not only provides advice and guidance, but also is a friendly face during the school day. Being a Form Buddy is also a natural starting point for pupils who then go onto be Student Leaders in years 10 and 11.