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Early Help Offer

An absolute priority for us as a school is ensuring that we intervene as soon as possible to prevent any issues or concerns from escalating. We understand that this intervention isn’t limited to the pupils in our care but that it extends to the families within our school community as well.  

Many children, young people and families will, at some point in time, experience challenges in their lives which impact on their wellbeing. Some families will be resilient to them without support, but others may need additional support (often for only a short time) to find sustainable solutions that can reduce the impact of such challenges on the wellbeing and development of children and young people. 

“Early Help” is a system designed to provide support as soon as a problem emerges and also to help prevent further problems from arising. 

A single application form, completed alongside the family and the child either in school, at home (or a combination of the two) will create a clear picture of the challenges being faced by the family and enable the provision of appropriate, targeted, personalised support from school and other appropriate agencies. 

Here at Ribblesdale, specially trained staff can advise on and guide parents through the application process and remain closely in touch with the children, family and any linked support to offer continuing support and advice. In the first instance, our Pastoral Co-ordinators can offer advice in this area before one of our Pastoral Intervention Managers takes the lead on the referral process. At all points we ensure that there is a team around the family, helping and supporting them as much as possible.