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Enrichment is an integral part of the school week at Ribblesdale and aims to provide our pupils with a range of skills, experiences and opportunities that they may not otherwise have, both within the National Curriculum and from home.  Just as in other lessons, workshop leaders plan carefully for our pupils to secure progress against a range of learning objectives to support the development of skills. 

The Enrichment curriculum has specific been specifically designed to bring a maximum scope of choice whilst also ensuring pupils experience a wide range of options to include all the core skills including:- 

• Self-regulation/reflection 

• Organisation 

• Leadership 

• Creativity/problem Solving 

• Communication 

• Initiative 

• Resilience  

• Collaboration/teamwork 

• Fine/Gross Motor Skills 

• Independence 

We are well supported by our local community with involvement from Blackburn Rovers, Waddow Hall, Crossfit, Roefield, Ribble Valley Tennis Centre, Soul Jewellery and many more in the local area. The Enrichment curriculum further supports the development of ensuring our pupils are prepared for inclusively, living in a technological world, being global citizens and fostering natural curiosity for creative thinking. 

KS3 and KS4

The journey of Enrichment begins in Year 7 and continues through until Year 10. Pupils have a vast array of choices to select that incrementally become more challenging and demanding as their school journey develops. Each year group has their own workshops which are reviewed and adapted each academic year.

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Personal Development Opportunities 

Pupils are encouraged to become Enrichment ambassadors who help to shape the future of our amazing Enrichment programme and develop new and exciting opportunities. As much of the Enrichment programme is based in the wider community, pupils can see what our community has to offer and are encouraged through membership or employment to join in outside of the school scope. Pupils often become more passionate after a workshop and seek to join a club or association and thus develop their own skills set. Our online social media platforms promote the breadth of the skills our pupils engage in and develop.