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Independent Learning Opportunities

At Ribblesdale, we believe all learners should be supported by nurturing their natural curiosity for learning and so become capable, motivated, and passionate individuals, ready for their future endeavours. The pupils will be set Independent Learning Opportunities “ILOs” instead of homework activities and these will involve an element of choice.  

Research has proven that successful learners are proactive in their learning - they can monitor their own goals and use their initiative to further their knowledge. To promote independence and encourage our learners to become more self-regulated, the ILOs will be shared within subject areas to allow your child to explore topics more freely. We hope for your child to be able to enhance their appreciation of the subjects they are studying whilst deepening their levels of understanding. Completing ILOs will allow the pupils to achieve more House Points and access our rewards system. Pupils will also be asked to complete some Independent Learning Requirements which will have more direction in terms of how and when they should be completed.  

With this development, we ask you to encourage and support your child to engage in the ILOs in any way that you can. This way of deepening understanding and your child’s curiosity for learning helps to reduce pressure, enhance mental wellbeing, and promote a love for learning. You may wish to refer to some of the question prompts below to engage with your child in a positive discussion of their ILOs: 

  1. Have you been set any ILOs this week?  

  1. What does your ILO require you to do?  

  1. What research could you do to support you with your ILO?  

  1. Could you tell me what you learned from your ILO?  

  1. How does your ILO apply to what you are doing in school? 

ILOs and ILRs will accessible via Synergy. 

Key Stage 3

Pupils will receive ILOs from all subject areas and will be set a minimum expectation to complete, with rewards for their participation. Whilst we aim for pupils to self-regulate their own learning, we accept that on occasions work may be required as an essential part of the curriculum and as such, pupils may receive an Independent Learning Requirement that is compulsory to complete.

Key Stage 4 

Whilst we aim for all Key Stage 4 pupils to be given access to Independent Learning Opportunities in order to continue to nurture their curiosity and allow for the pupils to monitor their own learning, the majority of work distributed will be compulsory to the course and therefore set as Independent Learning Requirement.