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Music and Performing Arts


The Performing Arts curriculum is carefully crafted to provide pupils with a holistic understanding that will equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive, not just in the realm of music and drama but in everyday life. Through an immersive and practical curriculum, we strive to nurture a problem-solving mindset and cultivate creativity and collaboration. From performance and composition to acting techniques and devising, our curriculum encompasses a broad range of subjects to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the performing arts. Our well-equipped curriculum is delivered by experienced specialists and spans three disciplines in both key stages. A brief overview of each is provided below:

KS3 - Music

At Key Stage 3, pupils are exposed to a diverse range of musical concepts and skills, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of music as an art form. They embark on an enriching journey where they explore various musical genres, develop their instrumental and vocal abilities, and engage in meaningful composition and performance activities. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and collaborative projects, pupils acquire, develop and refine their musical literacy, improvisation skills, and critical listening abilities. Additionally, pupils are introduced to music technology, enabling them to experiment with digital tools and software to create, record, and manipulate sounds. Key Stage 3 music empowers pupils to express themselves creatively, and build confidence in their knowledge of music and musical abilities to develop a lifelong passion for music.

KS3 - Drama

At Key Stage 3, pupils embark on an exciting journey of self-expression, creativity, and exploration. Through a range of practical activities, they develop a solid foundation in various theatrical techniques, including improvisation, role-playing, and character development. Pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, fostering teamwork and effective communication skills. They explore a wide range of dramatic genres, from classical to contemporary as well as practitioners such as Brecht and Stanislavski. Key Stage 3 drama also nurtures Pupils' critical thinking and analytical skills as they evaluate their own performances and those of their peers. Through the process of devising and staging their own plays, Pupils gain confidence, self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling. Overall, Key Stage 3 drama offers a platform for pupils to develop their creativity, empathy, and artistic abilities, while fostering a love and appreciation of the performing arts

KS4 – Music

The BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice is a comprehensive program designed to provide pupils with a practical and immersive experience in the field of music and prepare pupils for working in the music industry. Equivalent to a GCSE, this qualification focuses on developing musical skills, knowledge, and understanding through hands-on practice and exploration. Pupils engage in a range of practical activities that encompass performance, composition, music technology, and the study of music theory. They learn to work both independently and collaboratively, enhancing their communication and teamwork skills to prepare them for working in the industry, while nurturing their passion and creativity in this dynamic and expressive art form.

KS4 – Drama

The OCR Drama GCSE is a comprehensive and engaging qualification that offers students rich and diverse experience in the world of drama. This course encourages them to explore and develop their performance skills, creativity, and critical thinking abilities. Through practical exploration and analysis of a range of dramatic texts, pupils gain a deep understanding of dramatic techniques, theatrical styles, and the process of creating and staging performances. They have opportunities to develop their acting, directing, and design skills, as well as their ability to collaborate effectively within a theatrical production. The OCR Drama GCSE aims to foster a love for drama, nurture self-confidence, and provide pupils with a strong foundation for further studies or a future in the performing arts.

Personal Development Opportunities

In music and drama, collaboration is an essential component of the learning process, and pupils are encouraged to work together when preparing for performances. Within lessons, pupils have valuable opportunities to develop their leadership skills through tasks such as conducting an ensemble or directing a group performance.

In Year 7, pupils actively participate in the harvest festival where they showcase their talents as a choir by performing two songs. Additionally, there are several other exciting performance opportunities throughout the year, including Ribblesdale's Got Talent, the GRAB event, the carol concert, and various school shows. These events allow pupils to demonstrate their skills and creativity in front of a live audience, further enhancing their performance abilities.

To enrich the overall musical experience, we also offer a range of extracurricular activities. Pupils can participate in dance club, where they can explore movement and choreography, and avail themselves of instrumental tuition to develop their instrumental skills further. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to join Ribbie Voices, our vibrant choir, providing a platform to enhance vocal talents and perform as part of a harmonious ensemble.

These extracurricular opportunities complement the curriculum and enable pupils to deepen their passion for music and drama while nurturing their individual talents in a supportive and engaging environment.

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