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Pupil Leadership

Developing leadership opportunities for our young people is incredibly important to us here at Ribblesdale. Engaging in leadership roles contributes to the personal development of our young people as they develop a multitude of skills. They are given the opportunity to find and use their voice; are introduced to concepts such as civic responsibility and community engagement and gain the opportunity to become role models and mentors.

Engaging in leadership opportunities sets a solid foundation for the future success of our young people. That is why our pupil leadership programme runs right from Year 7 through to Year 11.

How to become a Pupil Leader and what the role involves

The initial stage is pupils make an application outlining the characteristics they feel they possess which would support a leadership role. Upon successful recruitment, pupils can move into more specific roles such as: digital leaders, sports leaders, careers ambassadors, subject ambassadors, wellbeing ambassadors, eco committee members, buddies to Year 7 and literacy ambassadors.

What is expected of Pupil Leaders at Ribblesdale?

Pupil Leaders at Ribblesdale are an integral part of the fabric of the school and as such, they are expected to be able to build good working relationships with peers and staff so they can effectively support them. Pupil Leaders are expected to be good team workers who want to make a lasting impact at school. Pupil Leaders must always be polite, mature, respectful, responsible and kind. Pupil Leaders are expected to involve themselves in the wider life of the school.

Who are Senior Pupil Leaders?

When Pupil Leaders progress into Key Stage 4, they become seniors and opportunities will arise in Year 11 for them to become part of the Head Team, comprising Principals and Vice Principals. These members will lead the School Council. Furthermore, pupils can apply to become leaders in various roles which support the wider life of the school.