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Inspection is a success!
  • Uploaded : 23/01/17
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Over a period of two visits to seven schools, observation of seven trainees and four newly qualified teachers and a lot of hard work.

C is for Charity
  • Uploaded : 19/01/17
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Each week at Ribblesdale High School we have our Enrichment time where pupils get to engage in a wide range of exciting opportunities.

UCFB Visitor Comes to English
  • Uploaded : 19/01/17
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In English, Year 9 are currently creating their own magazine on a topic of their choice.

Fashion, Fun and Frolics
  • Uploaded : 17/01/17
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On Monday 18th December Ribblesdale was transported to the wonderful world of the Caribbean with a Fashion Show that hit the right salsa beat.

Angels of the North West
  • Uploaded : 17/01/17
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Whilst most pupils would have been unwrapping presents and enjoying their freedom during the Christmas break.

December Newsletter
  • Uploaded : 19/12/16
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Take a look at our latest Newsletter - the last one of 2016.

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's school. You can comment on:

  • the quality of teaching
  • how they deal with bullying
  • how they deal with poor behaviour
  • your voice in decision making
  • ...and many other areas

The Pearson Teaching Awards is an opportunity to thank teachers for the support. But why thank teachers?

  • they show a real interest in who we are
  • they listen to our thoughts
  • they inspire us to learn
  • they encourage us to achieve our best
  • they help us reach our goals

Moodle is an e-learning platform, also known as a Virtual Learning Environment. What is it useful for?

  • effective training and assessment
  • communication for groups
  • communication for one-to-one messaging
  • create engaging collaborative activities
  • information sharing of external resources


Thurs 05/01/2017 School Re-opens  
Mon 09/01/2017 Year 9 & 10:  BRAG Event, The Grand (3pm - 6.30pm)
Wed 11/01/2017   Year 11:  Work Experience Parents' Evening (6pm - 7pm)
Thurs 12/01/2017   Year 9:  Parents' Evening (4pm - 6.45pm)
Mon 16/01/2017  Attendance Awards Year 7 & 8:  H&RV Swimming Gala  (1pm - 3pm)
Wed 18/01/2017   GRAB Semi-Final 1 – (The Grand, 7pm - 9pm) (prov)
Thurs 19/01/2017   Year 9:  Options Evening (6pm - 8pm)
Wed 25/01/2017   GRAB Semi- final 2 – (The Grand, 7pm - 9pm) (prov)
    School Day Meetings / Events out of school & Others
Fri 27/01/2017   Year 7:  Interim reports available on INSIGHT
Mon 30/01/2017 Year 9:  Application for new Student Leaders (all week)  

JanuarySpring Term
Fri 03/02/2017    GRAB Final (The Grand, 7.30pm - 9.30pm) (prov)
Mon 06/02/2017 Year 8:  Make My Week  
  Downham House Assembly  
Tues 07/02/2017 Chatburn House Assembly  
Wed 08/02/2017 Edisford House Assembly  
Thurs 09/02/2017  Mitton House Assembly Year 7:  Parents' Evening (4pm - 6.45pm)
Fri 10/02/2017  Waddington House Assembly Year 8:  Full reports available on INSIGHT
    School closes for half term  
Mon 20/02/2017 Year 11:  PPE 3 (Mock Exams week 1.  All subjects)  
    School Re-opens  
Wed 22/02/2017 Year 9:  New Student Leader Assembly  
Thurs 23/02/2017 Year 8:  Excellent Report Assembly  
Mon 27/02/2017 Year 8:  Recruitment Form Buddies  
  Year 9:  Student Leader Application deadline  
    Year 11:  PPE 3 (Mock Exams week 2)  

FebruarySpring Term
Thurs 02/03/2017 World Book Day 20th Anniversary  
Wed 03/03/2017   Year 10:  Full reports available on INSIGHT
Mon 06/03/2017 Year 11:  PSHE Day 3 (collapsed timetable)  
    National Careers Week (all week)  
    Year 9:  New Student Leader notified  
Tues 07/03/2017 Year 10:  Excellent Report Assembly  
Thurs 09/03/2017  Year 9:  New Student Leader Conference (9am - 12noon) Year 9/10:  Football Tournament (3pm - 5pm)
Mon 13/03/2017 Science Week (all week)  
    Year 10:  Head Boy / Girl Applications deadline  
    Year 9:  New Student Leaders duties begin  
Tues 14/03/2017  World Pi Day Year 7/8:  Football Tournament (3pm - 5pm)
Fri 17/03/2017 Comic Relief  
Mon 20/03/2017 Year 8:  Exam week (all week)  
  Year 10:  Head Boy/ Girl Interviews (all week)  
Wed 22/03/2017 Year 11:  Mock Results Day  
Thurs 23/03/2017   Year 11:  Interim reports available to parents
    Year 11:  Parents’ Evening (4pm - 6.45pm)
Fri 24/03/2017 Non-uniform Day for Student Leaders / Form Buddies  
Mon 27/03/2017 Year 9:  Make My Week (all week)
    Year 11:  Student Leader Stand Down (this week, TBC)  
    Downham House Assembly  
Tues 28/03/2017 Chatburn House Assembly  
Wed 29/03/2017 Edisford House Assembly  
Thurs 30/03/2017 Non-Uniform Day for pupils with no more than two signatures on uniform card  
  30/03/2017 Mitton House Assembly  
Fri 31/03/2017 Waddington House Assembly
  Closure after school for Easter Holidays  

MarchSpring Term
Fri 14/04/2017 Good Friday  
Mon 17/04/2017 Easter Monday  
Tues 18/04/2017 School Re-opens  
  Year 9:  Maths and Science Exam Week (all week)  
Fri 21/04/2017   Year 9:  Full reports available on INSIGHT
Wed 26/04/2017 Year 9:  Excellent Report Assembly  
Fri 28/04/2017   Year 8:  Interim reports available on INSIGHT

AprilSpring Term
Mon 01/05/2017 May Day Closure  
Tues 02/05/2017 INSET Day 4  
Wed 03/05/2017 Year 10:  Geography Field Studies (all week)  
  Attendance Awards (all week)  
Mon 08/05/2017 Year 7:  Exam week (all week)  
  Attendance Awards (all week)  
Tues 09/05/2017 Year 8/9:  HPV Vaccinations (P1-3)  
Thurs 11/05/2017   Year 9:  Rounder's Tournament (St Augustine's, 2pm - 4pm)
Mon 15/05/2017 Year 7:  Exam week (all week)  
Tues 16/05/2017 GCSE exams commence  
Fri 19/05/2017 Mitton House Assembly  
Mon 22/05/2017 Year 11:  Make My Week - Exam Success (all week)  
  Downham House Assembly  
Tues 23/05/2017  Chatburn House Assembly Year 8:  Rounder's Tournament (Mount Carmel, 2pm - 4pm)
Wed 24/05/2017 Edisford House Assembly  
Thurs 25/05/2017 Trip Day  
Fri 26/05/2017 Waddington House Assembly  
    Estimated start of Ramadan  
    School closes for half term  

MaySpring Term
Mon 05/06/2017 School Re-opens  
Wed 07/06/2017   U13 Girls cricket (Rishton, 1pm - 4pm)
Mon 12/06/2017 New Year 10:  English / Options Mock exam week (all week)  
Tues 13/06/2017 Sports Fest Heats (All day)  
Wed 14/06/2017 Sports Fest Finals (Whole School) (9am - 10.30am)  
Thurs 15/06/2017   Year 10:  Rounder's Tournament (Accrington Academy, 2pm - 4pm)
Mon 19/06/2017 New Year 11:  PPE 1 (Mock Exams, all week)  
  Year 6:  Transition Day  
Tues 20/06/2017 Year 6:  Transition Day Year7:  Rounder's Tournament (Rhyddings, 2pm - 4pm)
Wed 21/06/2017   U15 Girls cricket (1pm - 4pm)
Mon 26/06/2017 New Year 11:  PPE 1 (Mock Exams, Mon - Wed) Year 6:  Transition Evening (Form Groups A-E, 4pm - 5.30pm)
Tues 27/06/2017 Eid Year 6:  Transition Evening (Form Tutor Groups F-K, 4pm - 5.30pm)
    End of Ramadan  
Wed 28/06/2017 Eid Prom - Dunkenhalgh Hotel (7pm - 11pm)
Wed 28/06/2017 Inter-schools Athletics  
Thurs 29/06/2017   Years 8-11: Interschool Athletics

JuneSpring Term

Our School Awards

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