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Our 85th Birthday!
  • Uploaded : 22/09/17
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As we celebrate our 85th Birthday on Saturday 23rd September 2017, we would like to share with you some fantastic memories.

The Extra Mile
  • Uploaded : 19/09/17
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Chefs in any kitchen will tell you that they walk miles every shift and that they could run a marathon!

Outdoor Elements
  • Uploaded : 19/09/17
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Year 7 had an amazing time at Outdoor Elements in their first week of school despite some pretty wet weather.

First Week Done!
  • Uploaded : 19/09/17
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It was jam packed with Year 11 completing their personal statements, CV’s and action plans.

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's school. You can comment on:

  • the quality of teaching
  • how they deal with bullying
  • how they deal with poor behaviour
  • your voice in decision making
  • ...and many other areas

The Pearson Teaching Awards is an opportunity to thank teachers for the support. But why thank teachers?

  • they show a real interest in who we are
  • they listen to our thoughts
  • they inspire us to learn
  • they encourage us to achieve our best
  • they help us reach our goals

Moodle is an e-learning platform, also known as a Virtual Learning Environment. What is it useful for?

  • effective training and assessment
  • communication for groups
  • communication for one-to-one messaging
  • create engaging collaborative activities
  • information sharing of external resources


01/09/2017 8.45am -2pm: CPD1: Planning and Evaluation (Staff only in school)
04/09/2017 School open for Year 7 and 11 pupils only
Year 11 PSHE Day 1
05/09/2017 School open for all pupils
Year 7: Team Building Trip (LC)
06/09/2017 Year 7: Team Building Trip (LC)
07/09/2017 Year 7: Team Building Trip (LC)
08/09/2017 Year 11 Interim 1 to parents
13/09/2017 Roald Dahl Day
19/09/2017 Year 11 Geography Field trip
Welcome to Year 11 Parents' Evening & Apprenticeships 6.00pm-7.00pm
20/09/2017 Year 11 Geography Field trip
21/09/2017 School Photographs  Year 7 & 10
Welcome to Year 7 Parents' Evening 5.30pm-7.30pm
  Saturday 23rd - Ribblesdale 85th Birthday Celebration 10am-2pm (voluntary)
25/09/2017 Cultural Awareness Week
26/09/2017 European Day of Languages Day
27/09/2017 Year 9 Assembly
Cultural Awareness Celebration
28/09/2017 European Day of Languages in practice
Early Closure 1.00pm
Open Evening - 4.30pm-7.30pm (Early Closure 1pm)
29/09/2017 Year 7 Harvest Festival St James (form/p1)
Year 6 Taster Day

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