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The Ribblesdale Photoshoot
  • Uploaded : 13/07/17
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Over the last few weeks, pupils and staff have been helping in our first Ribblesdale Photoshoot by Zoie Carter-Ingham and what a fantastic time they have had.

The Refugee Appeal
  • Uploaded : 13/07/17
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Lili Barnes in Year 9 has been working hard baking and selling cakes, treats and drinks to raise awareness and funds for the @RefugeeCKitchen.

Literacy Festival
  • Uploaded : 13/07/17
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This year's Lit Fest welcomed the Shady Tales Shadow Puppet Theatre Show to entertain Year 8 & 9 pupils.

  • Uploaded : 13/07/17
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What a fantastic way to end the sporting season with our very own Sportsfest.

Prom Night
  • Uploaded : 13/07/17
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It was a beautiful venue, with a succession of amazing vehicles and of course fabulously dressed pupils.

Question Time
  • Uploaded : 22/06/17
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On Wednesday 7th June Ribblesdale played host to the one and only Ribble Valley Question Time with the candidates Nigel Evans, David Hinder and Graham Sowter from the Conservatives, Labour and Green party.

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child's school. You can comment on:

  • the quality of teaching
  • how they deal with bullying
  • how they deal with poor behaviour
  • your voice in decision making
  • ...and many other areas

The Pearson Teaching Awards is an opportunity to thank teachers for the support. But why thank teachers?

  • they show a real interest in who we are
  • they listen to our thoughts
  • they inspire us to learn
  • they encourage us to achieve our best
  • they help us reach our goals

Moodle is an e-learning platform, also known as a Virtual Learning Environment. What is it useful for?

  • effective training and assessment
  • communication for groups
  • communication for one-to-one messaging
  • create engaging collaborative activities
  • information sharing of external resources


Wed 05/07/2017 Years 8-11 Interschool Athletics (Reserve)
Thu 06/07/2017 Celebration of Achievement Evening (6pm - 9pm)
Mon 10/07/2017 New Year 11: Work Experience Week 1
Mon 10/07/2017 Humanities Week
Fri 14/07/2017 Sponsored Walk (DR)
Mon 17/07/2017 New Year 11: Work Experience Week 2 (JKB)
Thu 20/07/2017 School closes at 12.30pm for the Summer
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