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Secondary Provision

A foundation for success since 1932

Ribblesdale School Secondary Provision

Welcome to
Secondary Provision

Welcome to our school website. I hope that it gives you a flavour of our vibrant and thriving school community. I feel immensely privileged to be the Headteacher of a school in which pupils are challenged and nurtured in equal measure. Here at Ribblesdale we prize the growth of positive, well-rounded citizens as highly as we do academic success, pursuing both with vigour and commitment. 

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The Ribblesdale Way


We will plan carefully using our expert subject knowledge and our understanding of who you are, your needs and how you learn.

I will be ready to learn; bringing in the correct equipment and mindset.


We will be ambitious and fearless in our approach to your learning.

I will be ambitious and fearless in my approach to learning.


We will make learning visible and be creative in providing opportunities to show what has been learnt.

I will take ownership of my learning and have the courage to demonstrate it.


We will evaluate our teaching and seek feedback to inform and enhance your learning.

I will reflect on the feedback I receive and use this to enhance my learning.


We will make you feel valued and supported so that we can work purposefully and productively together.

I will value my teachers and accept their support so we can work purposefully and productively together.