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A foundation for success since 1932


The Ribblesdale Enrichment Curriculum is a unique and well-respected opportunity for pupils to develop to their personal skills and knowledge so that they become well-rounded citizens. The Wednesday afternoon Enrichment sessions accompany other aspects on the school Curriculum to allow pupils to experience and access opportunities that they would not normally have.  

The Curriculum is carefully planned and developed to create a broad range of sessions for pupils. Although pupils can choose the sessions that they access, they are actively encouraged to attend workshops to provide them with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. 

Our aim is to create global citizens who are acutely aware of the issues that are pertinent to the global, national and local community. Staff and pupils work collaboratively with residents and professionals in the Ribble Valley as they attend visits, network and exercise locally. The curriculum encompasses links with local businesses and further education establishments.  

By allowing pupils to encounter new skills, we are fostering natural curiosity and a thirst for learning. The curriculum and workshops are designed to promote pupils’ ability to self-regulate and manage their emotions whilst working collaboratively with others.  

Staff are passionate about developing their known skills and knowledge in creativity and the use of technology. We regularly update our Enrichment provision to respond to the changing world that pupils will face when they leave Ribblesdale. For example, pupils can access workshops including Virtual Reality, E-sports, Go-karting, Bowling and Soul Jewellery.  

The Enrichment Curriculum undergoes regular review as we evaluate pupil engagement and enjoyment. It is essential that the sessions provide an immersive experience in which pupils can grow and develop into the next general of global citizens.  

Pupils will develop the following Core Threshold Skills throughout the Enrichment Curriculum- 

  • Self-regulation/reflection 

  • Organisation 

  • Leadership 

  • Creativity/Problem-Solving 

  • Communication 

  • Initiative 

  • Resilience  

  • Collaboration/teamwork 

  • Fine/Gross Motor Skills 

  • Independence 

RIbblesdale Enrichment Accreditation

Skills developed in Enrichment are re-visited as the years progress. Pupils are encouraged to refine and progress in the Core Threshold skills. 

  • In Year 7 Pupils achieve a Bronze Award 
  • In Year 8 pupils achieve a Silver Award 
  • In Year 9 pupils achieve a Gold Award 
  • In Year 10 pupils achieve a Platinum Award  

In addition to this, pupils will be accredited with a:- Pass, Merit or Distinction Award. This will be awarded during assemblies at early promotion and will use an average of their ATL’s 

This will depend on pupils’ average Attitude to Learning from their Enrichment sessions. Pupils will be able to use the Ribblesdale Enrichment Accreditation when they apply for post-16 pathways and further education.