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Mathematics at Ribblesdale provides all pupils with key mathematical knowledge, skills and ways of thinking which will support them later in life. Whether pupils go on to study mathematics beyond secondary school or not, we provide a curriculum which exposes all pupils to high levels of challenge and demonstrates the many uses of maths in our daily lives as well as those in complex careers of the future. There are a range of pathways to support all pupils in enjoying and making progress in mathematics.

KS3 -  Mathematics

At KS3, pupils are exposed to a variety of topics in mathematics, some of which they are familiar with from KS2 and others which they have not come across before. There is a focus on pupils’ enjoyment of maths through engaging activities and examples. Many opportunities are provided for pupils to build confidence in their mathematical knowledge and for them to develop effective independent learning skills to aid in future study.

KS4 – Mathematics

Pupils study the Edexcel GCSE syllabus which covers a range of content from Number and Algebra to Geometry and Data. Pupils acquire knowledge of key facts and formulae along with problem-solving skills and techniques. Pupils develop an ability to interpret mathematical results in context and begin to evaluate their methods. Pupils learn a variety of key real-life maths skills such as percentages, best value, compound interest and statistics. Pupils learn both non-calculator and calculator methods for solving problems. The GCSE is split into two tiers, meaning pupils are entered for either Foundation or Higher tier mathematics.

KS4 – Further Mathematics

For our strongest mathematicians there is the opportunity to study the AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics course. This consolidates and extends many of the concepts within the GCSE course whilst also exposing pupils to material which helps to bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level study. This course gives pupils a flavour of what it would be like to continue with their mathematical studies beyond school. It also develops pupils’ fluency and confidence, particularly in algebraic manipulation, enhancing their understanding and performance in mathematics.

KS4 – Functional Skills

The Functional Skills qualification engages and supports many of our pupils by delving into more real-life problems, for example those involving money or time. It enables pupils to practice some of the key skills they will need in later life while building confidence with essential mathematical processes such as arithmetic, rounding and interpreting data.

Personal Development Opportunities

Pupils at Ribblesdale are given several opportunities to learn or apply mathematics in different contexts. Many pupils participate in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenges, competing with pupils across the UK. Pupils have the chance to apply for the Boat Race Challenge program, where they develop a range of STEM skills and visit Oxford University to present their final projects. Other events take place throughout the year such as celebrating NSPCC Number Day and competitions at various local schools, colleges and universities.

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