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Online Safety at School

Safeguarding of our pupils extends beyond the walls of the classroom, especially now that use of technology is at the core of modern-day society. We take great care to protect our pupils, staff and stakeholders, ensuring that learners can access technology and resources without putting themselves at risk personally or financially. Our curriculum is thorough and rigorous in its support of the importance of E-safety. It encourages our pupils to take ownership of caring for themselves and each other when online.

We cover aspects such as;

  • Cyber bullying

  • Smart phone usage

  • Preventing identity theft

  • Privacy rights

  • Use of social media

  • Child protection

All users are required to adhere to the whole school policy which includes clear guidance on the acceptable use of electronic devices. We have a staff policy for the appropriate use of technology when using devices inside and outside of school. This also covers aspects of social media use and its potential impact.

Several systems work together to ensure the safety of our pupils. Internet access is filtered and monitored on all devices, alongside monitoring of emails and key strokes to check that resources are being used in an appropriate manner.

To allow parents and carers to monitor the use of technology within their own homes, we aim to keep all users informed of any new trends in digital technologies such as social media and gaming. It is our aim to maintain an open dialogue so that parents and carers can raise any concerns that they may have. In this way, we can work together to ensure the safety of our children.