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A foundation for success since 1932

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs A Horrocks BA NPQH Headteacher
  • Mrs Z Dewhurst BA Deputy Headteacher
  • Mr P Edge BEng Deputy Headteacher
  • Mrs S Cowking BA School Business Manager
  • Mr M O’Donoghue BA MA Senior Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs J Taylor BA Senior Assistant Headteacher
  • Miss J Whalley BA Primary Phase Lead
  • Mrs B Mashiter BA Assistant Headteacher
  • Mr L Small BSc MA Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Learning Support

Mrs H Murphy BSc - SENDCO  /  Associate Senior Leader


Mrs J Whalley BA Faculty Lead – Linguistics (English and MFL)  /  Associate Senior Leader
Mrs A Arcangelo-Hanna BA - Pupil Leadership Co-ordinator  /  Pastoral Support Leader
Mr J Bowmer BA - Second in Department – English Literature 
Mrs N Court BA 
Mr O Davies LLB 
Miss J Eynon BA 
Miss A Hewson BA - Second in Department – English Language / Lead Teacher – Teaching & Learning
Mrs H Holaday BA  
Mrs L Jeeves BA  
Mrs T Kendall BA  
Miss P Smith BA 
Miss S Wright BA 

Modern Foreign Languages 

Mrs A Tindall-Hoyle BA - Subject Leader – MFL (temporary) 
Miss F Lappin BA - Aspect Co-ordinator for MFL (temporary)
Mrs K Schofield BA 
Mrs C Taylor MA - Aspect Co-ordinator for MFL 


Miss J Sanderson BSc - Curriculum Area Leader 
Mrs J Ashworth BA  
Mrs B Bevan BSc - Second in Department 
Mrs S Bradshaw BSc  
Miss J Cookson BA 
Mr M Hargreaves BA - Subject Leader - Business Studies
Miss R Jennison
Mr S McCormick BSc 
Mr M Ratcliffe BSc 
Mr G Slinger BA - Second in Department (temporary)


Mrs L Michie BSc - Curriculum Area Leader 
Mr J Browne BSc 
Mr G Kenyon BSc - Options Co-ordinator
Ms R Lynch BSc 
Miss P McCartney BSc - Health & Social Care Aspect Co-ordinator  
Mr A Patel BSc  
Miss R Ronchetti BA MA - Second in Department 
Miss J Sadler BSc  
Mr R Spencer BSc 
Mrs L Whyke BSc   
Miss C Wilkinson BSc Second in Department

Technology and Computer Science

Miss C Farrow BA - Curriculum Area Leader 
Mr L Conti BA - Year 8 Leader 
Mrs E Cumming BSc 
Mr S Kay BSc - Subject Leader – Computing 
Mrs S McLeod BA - Subject Leader - Food Technology 
Miss E Schnacke BA  
Mr S Sheen BEng

Art & Design

Mrs L Middleton BA - Subject Leader - Art 
Mrs N Ainscow  BA - Next Generation Visible Learning Co-ordinator 
Mrs M May  BA


Miss C Fletcher BA - Subject Leader – History / Lead Teacher 
Mrs C Hughes BA - Year 11 Leader 
Miss S Mabaya - BA Reimagining Inclusivity Co-ordinator 
Mr L Summerfield BA  


Mr J Dwyer BA - Subject Leader – RE / Equalities Ambassador 
Ms J Parkinson BA - Year 10 Leader


Mr A Beattie BA - Subject Leader – Geography / Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator 
Miss L Billington BA - Eco-School Co-ordinator
Mr B Murphy BSc
Miss D Robinson BA - MA House/Rewards Co-ordinator  


Ms S Jennison LLB - Subject Leader – Citizenship / Enrichment Co-ordinator 


Ms S Cooper-Westhead BEd - Curriculum Area Leader  
Mr R Cattermole BSc 
Mr N Hewison BSc - Year 7 Leader 
Mr L Lishman BA - Year 9 Leader  /  Associate Senior Leader
Miss R Slater BA - Aspect Co-ordinator for PE 

Music & Performing Arts

Miss L Woltering BA - Subject Leader - Performing Arts 
Miss E Drummond BA  

Primary Phase Lead

Mrs R Furness BEd - Early Years Foundation Stage Lead 


Support Staff

Business Support Team

Mrs S Wilkinson  BA - Assistant School Business Manager 
Mrs A Brass - Data Officer / Cover Administrator 
Mrs E Day - HR Officer 
Mrs J Harbord - Examinations & Data Manager
>Mrs AM Hough  BA Lead Receptionist Main School / Administration
Mrs S Richards - Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Lead 
Mrs M Smith - Personal Assistant to the Headteacher/Senior Leadership br /> Mrs L Wijnberger - Administration / Second Receptionist Main School
Mrs S Wilson - Finance Manager 

Premises and Site

Mr S Neesham - Site Operations Manager 
Mr P Bradshaw - Site Supervisor
Mr J Brown - Site Supervisor 
Mr C Fish - Site Supervisor 

ICT Support

Mr C Smithson  BSc ICT Network Manager 
Mr A Gambhir Senior ICT Technician 
Mr J Hawthorn ICT Technician 
Miss T Lagano ICT Technician 

Technician Support

Mrs A Burgess - Reprographics Technician 
Mrs V Harrison - Music / Art / Textiles Technician 
Mrs A Thirtle - Food Technology Technician / Inclusion Provision Support 
Miss N Sharp - Senior Science Technician 

Cover Supervision

Mrs S Brewer Cover Supervisor 
Ms J Ryan Cover Supervisor 

Pastoral Support

Mrs H Power - Pastoral Intervention Manager 
Mrs R Ralphson - Pastoral Intervention Manager 
Mrs T Bolton - Pastoral Co-ordinator for Year 9 
Mrs K Hammond - Pastoral Co-ordinator for Year 7 
Mrs L Hudson - Pastoral Co-ordinator for Year 10 
Miss B Keane - Pastoral Co-ordinator for Year 8 
Mr R Haythornthwaite - Pastoral Co-ordinator – Inclusion and Intervention
Mrs J Lund - Pastoral Co-ordinator for Year 11 
Mrs N Mead - Attendance Manager 

Learning Support Teaching Assistants     

Mrs H Dearden - Deputy SENCO  /  HLTA
Mrs J Wrigley - SEN Liaison Officer  /  HLTA
Mrs E Goldsbrough - TA3 
Mrs M Harrison - TA3 
Miss G Humphreys - TA3 
Mrs J King - TA3
 Mr J Fletcher - TA3
Mrs R Driver - TA2b
Miss S Gannon - TA2b 
Mrs C Houlder - TA2b
Mr D Keigher - TA2b
Mrs J McCann - TA2b
Mrs G Rhodes
Mrs R Sultana - TA2b
Mrs D Wilson-Mayor - TA2b

Mrs R Frankland TA2b 

Primary Wrap-around Care (The Green Room) 

Mrs J Jackson - Manager 
Mrs G Scott-Rumboll - Assistant