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Ribblesdale’s PSHCE curriculum is designed to support pupils as they progress through their time at secondary school. The aim is to help pupils develop into informed, well-rounded citizens who will thrive in a 21stcentury world which is constantly evolving. The curriculum explores the three core concepts of Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships (which also covers learning about Fundamental British Values, Online Safety, Rule of Law and Democracy).

Pupils cover a comprehensive programme about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) which is the lifelong learning about physical, moral, social and emotional development. It is about understanding the importance of stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care. At Ribblesdale, RSE is delivered via the RE, PSHE, Citizenship and Science curriculum. Effective RSE is achieved through successful partnerships between health services, up to date information, understanding current trends and liaising with a range of agencies for better outcomes for pupils. We also have a wide range of staff guest speakers who have specifically created lessons to explore topics that are related to the needs of the school, pupils and stakeholders.

Pupils are given regular opportunities to consider and develop their own attitudes, values and beliefs, whilst also learning how to make healthy and wise choices. Pupils are taught how to recognise and celebrate the protected characteristics of our diverse community and society. PSHCE lessons provide a wealth of careers education, advice and guidance, develop cultural understanding and promote self-esteem and resilience so that pupils are well-equipped for adult life and the world of work.


Health & Wellbeing: Pupils will explore their transition to Ribblesdale, focusing on self-esteem and building positive relationships. They learn about healthy eating and the risks around legal and illegal substances. Pupils also focus on how to maintain positive mental health and how to use the online world safely.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils study Citizenship, focusing on topical debate, and core British values through a variety of current issues. Pupils explore the problem of conflict and reconciliation. They explore the work of UK charities, democracy, and governance.

Relationships: Pupils learn about building positive relationships and making informed decisions about their future. Pupils investigate diversity, equality, and protected characteristics of the UK. Pupils study issues of negative relationships. In RSE, healthy sexual relationships are explored and how to protect your future self.


Health & Wellbeing: Pupils explore the role of the media, influences about healthy lifestyles, and focus on using wellbeing to stay safe by developing skills of resilience and confidence.

Living in the Wider World: Pupils explore financial capability, the working world and preparation for post 16 opportunities. PSHE and RSE drop down days allow for further investigation of the world at large.

Relationships: Pupils understand the importance of being safe in all relationships including online. Pupils learn about parenting and family. During RSE pupils explore how to deal with risky situations and develop knowledge about external agencies.

Personal Development Opportunities

Pupils are encouraged to become leaders of the school in all areas. They learn about about voting and promoting young people’s rights through the democracy unit. Pupils are encouraged to be involved in the moment and watch topical news items, promote charities and develop a sense of community spirit in school and the wider community. Pupils share life experiences in discussions and we celebrate their success through our social media platforms.

Details of the following content for the subject of PSHCE & RSE can be viewed below: